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Red Flags Launched in London 23 May

International Alert and the Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies launched the Red Flags guide and web site 23 May at a seminar in London.

The launch at a seminar at the Institute of Directors in London. On the panel were: John Ruggie, UN; Edward Bickham, Anglo-American plc; Mark Taylor, Fafo; and Dan Smith, International Alert

Court in Ecuador Hands Down Landmark Decision Against Chevron
An Ecuadoran judge has ordered Chevron to pay US$ 9 billion for environmental damages in the country's Amazon region. The landmark decision comes after a titanic legal battle for years in both US and Ecuadoran courts and marks what experts are calling the largest order for environmental damages every issued by a court.
Conflict Minerals Law Passed in U.S.
A new U.S. law requires publicly traded companies to disclose to the SEC whether their products contain gold, tin, tungsten or tantalum from Congo or adjacent countries. If so, they have to describe what measures they are taking to trace the minerals' origin. The State and Treasury departments are examining the possibility of future sanctions against U.S. companies that use "conflict minerals."
Governments Must Remove Barriers to Corporate Accountability says new report
A report out this week from Fafo, Amnesty International, and the Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre identifies obstacles to judicial remedies for business involvement in human rights abuses and sets out a series of reforms. The report argues governments need to take urgent action.
Indian Court Convicts Union Carbide subsidiary and seven employees in connection with Bhopal Disaster
A court in India has convicted Union Carbide's Indian subsidiary and seven of its employees with "death by negligence" in connection with the 1984 leak of toxic gas that killed an estimated 15,000 people in the world's worst industrial disaster. The ruling will be appealed and is being criticized by community activists who claim it is too little too late.
Dutch Court Will Hear Complaint Against Shell in Nigeria
A Dutch court has ruled that is has the authority to handle a case brought against a unit of Shell for alleged negligence related to oil spills in Nigeria. The case was brought by Friends of the Earth Netherlands and four Nigerians. The court rejected Shell's claim that the court was not competent to hear the case.
Appeals Pending Against Two Montreal Companies Sued Over Activities Under Occupation
A Quebec Superior Court Judge has dismissed a case against two Montreal companies alleging complicity in violations of the Geneva Conventions. Green Mount International Inc. and Green Park International Inc are accused of building settlements on Palestinian land under Israeli military occupation. Both sides are appealing the decision.
Warrant Issued for former Union Carbide Head
A court in India has issued a warrant for the arrest of the former head of the American chemical company responsible for a gas leak that killed at least 10,000 people in Bhopal 25 years ago. Bhopal's chief judicial magistrate ordered the arrest of former head of the Union Carbide corporation, who is reportedly living in the U.S.
Veolia divests under public and legal pressure
Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reports the French transport company Veolia is pulling out of a controversial light rail project in Jerusalem. A French court agreed in 2009 to hear a lawsuit brought against Veolia and Alstom by solidarity activists who argue the project is in violation of international law. Veolia had gone to court in Sweden after a decision by Stockholm authorities to end its 3.5 billion Euro contract running the city's public transport system. Human Rights organisations say the decision may have been influenced by Veolia's involvement in projects in the occupied West Bank.
Two Montreal companies Sued over activities under occupation
In July, 2008, the Palestinian Village of Bil'in launched a lawsuit in Quebec Superior Court against two Montreal companies: Green Mount International Inc. and Green Park International Inc. The two companies are accused of building condominiums on Palestinian land under Israeli military occupation.
Red Flags Launched in London 23 May
International Alert and the Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies launched the Red Flags guide and web site 23 May at a seminar in London.
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